Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Going Ons

We are enjoying our summer. Coming up on the last few weeks with the first born home from school. The weather is not exactly favorable with all the rain we've had but at least it's not hot as balls anymore. Sometimes the humidity is enough to make you suffocate though. Still. Even with the rain we still play outside. You can't keep us indoors for long!

There is much gardening and harvesting. We planted new carrots and some peas. We have a steady supply of delicious cucumbers that are the most cucumbery thing I've ever tasted. Amazing tomatoes, a few zucchini. Still waiting to see if any melons will happen, so far they are just blossoming. I have some new seeds in from a fabulous Etsy shop, Sheltering Woods, that I am so excited about. I've enjoyed this garden, our very first. I've learned a lot and it has been such a therapy.

Things have been quite productive actually. I have a few new things in the Etsy shop. I've started working on birthday and Christmas gifts. Crocheting along whenever I can. My favorite things I've made so far have been a Bower Bird hoop from Attic 24 for my Mama and some little dolls customized to resemble my daughter and niece (for Christmas, shhhh don't tell them). I am finding so much joy in this craft lately. More than usual. Which is nice after my brief but jarring couple of months where the very thought of crocheting made me anxious.

I got myself a hoop as well and I plan on making us a sweet little Bower Bird for our wall soon. It was so fun to make.

School supply shopping is in our very near future. I can't believe summer vacation is nearly over. Less than a month.

Friday, July 11, 2014

One Year

One year ago we started trying to conceive. It has been rough. Patchy. Living in a limbo that we can't seem to get out of. I've watched many friends try to get pregnant months after we started to and they are all now a quarter of the way or more into healthy pregnancies. It's hard to witness that and feel the pangs of jealousy and sadness and also show my total happiness for them.

This is a week of hard things. Losses and anniversaries. On Monday it will have been a year since my cat Blueberry died. We had been dear friends since I was 11 years old and he was there with me through many times, good and bad. He is deeply missed. One year since my dad relapsed again and drank alcohol. One year since our last loss. One year of trying to get pregnant. It's difficult but I am adopting the word Hope as my number 1.

I have so much to be happy about. I'm working hard on my little etsy shop. I'm working hard on being a good mom. The kids and I are having so much fun reading and soaking up summertime. Currently we are reading Harry Potter and preparing for our favorite book stores Harry Potter birthday party at the end of the month. I've started working on Christmas gifts. We have added some sweet pet additions to our family that the kids are smitten with and we are talking of adding more and more. The first born and I dream of having some turtles and a snake and hermit crabs and rabbits.

It is a season of remembrance but sometimes that can bring out the light in you. I'm trying to let my light shine. I am throwing myself into my pagan spirituality and into my crafting. I am feeling the blessings.

There is so much to love and so much be happy about. All I have to do is go through my photos to remind myself of that.

And our newest additions- The Fish of Boe and Sandshoes the aquatic frog. There is a Doctor Who theme, yes. Boe is still checking Sandshoes out but they seem to be getting along swimmingly. I'm sorry, I had to. If you can pun, do.