Friday, February 5, 2016

A(nother) Baby Blanket

Last year I made the resolution to crochet a blanket for each of my friends' new babies throughout the year. I decided to continue on with that this year and because I know such fertile myrtles there is already one done and dusted and being mailed off tomorrow.

Here's a problem I run into literally every time I go to make something. Color. I love color, I think I'm quite good at matching color, but it mostly gives me a hardcore panic attack in the moment and I have a VERY hard time choosing. Most of the time I just ask someone what they want or I'll make a blanket based on what I know they like. Like the Jets color blanket I made for my friend's baby last year. Easy enough! This friend had no idea what colors she wanted, though, and only mentioned something about probably going with a very bright scheme of pink and blue so I went to the store unarmed and ultimately had an anxiety attack over what colors to choose. But then I thought why choose any colors at all? Why not let the yarn do all the work for me? And ta-da, a variegated blanket was born and in the perfect colors, I think!

The color is Bon Bon by Red Heart. I used nearly 3 skeins to get this size, which is about 37 inches from corner to corner. I had enough left over to make a headband to go with it and some more after that (enough perhaps to make some granny squares for my Weasley Blanket). I used this ripple blanket pattern which I highly recommend. Super easy to follow, fast and pretty. I've used it at least twice in the past.

I'm pretty obsessed with this blanket. I love the colors. I love the feel of it and the size and the shape and all of the pointy, flower like goodness. It leaves for it's new home tomorrow and I can't wait to see the little miss all wrapped up in it when she arrives soon.

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