Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Mother's Day WIP

My mom has been bugging me since Christmas to make her a patchwork bag like I made for my MIL. I've been slowly working up squares every now and then and deciding what size I want it and all of that. My original bag was ginormous because it was meant to be a place for all of my MIL's crap to be stored that she takes to work every day. My mama is a hobbit of a woman so I knew that I wanted her bag to be built around her tiny size. I realized yesterday that mother's day is just around the corner and the perfect gift for Mama would be her bag finally finished off.

I went through all of my squares and chose what I thought would be nice for her. I decided on lighter, springy colors and left out all of my deep red and gold and dark gray squares. Then I just laid them all out on my table and started putting them in groups.

Just trying to keep colors separate and spread it all out nicely. Decided on a 3X3 pattern. So 3 squares up and 3 squares across. :) Also 3 for each side and 3 for the bottom.

I pieced them all together yesterday and made a fun flirty border on top-

I'm working on the straps now. I'm thinking white like the border and then maybe 1 or 2 single crochet stripes of some fun colors from the bag. Blue? Green? Still deciding! Then this weekend I'm shopping for some fun fabric to make the lining with and I'll hand sew that in next week. It's a pretty quick project once you have the masses of squares completed, haha. I think Mama will love it. 

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