Monday, May 5, 2014

Chugging Along

I finished my mother's day bag! I love it and I think Mama will too.

It was easy peasy. I made a ton of granny squares with 3 rounds each (27 squares, 9 rows of 3 including the bottom) and sewed them all together with a plain old wip stitch. I added a sweet scalloped edge.Then I picked out some pretty fabric and sewed it into a simple square with a double folded hemmed top and fit that inside it and hand sewed it in-

And then I made some straps that are 95 chains long each. I half double crocheted all the way down the length in white, then made 1 single crochet stripe each of green and purple and then another half double crochet stripe in white. Hand sewed those suckers in and voila. I do wish I'd thought to sew the straps on first so that they could be behind the fabric. Next time!

I will make notes of some changes I'd like to make next time. I'm hoping to make one like this for myself soon but maybe a tad bit bigger so that I can carry around lots of books and projects and such.
Currently on the hook, the Loopy Love Blanket from Moogly-
I have a friend due with her first baby in July and I'm working hard on this for her shower gift in 2 weeks. I'm a little over halfway done! I'm enjoying it. It's easy and quick. Making baby stuff and things for kids is my favorite. 

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