Thursday, October 9, 2014

Practicing Gratitude- Blue Sky Boy

Today is a good day to be grateful. It all started very chaotically so I'm going to zoom in on my blue sky boy. Oliver. The first born.

He made me a mama. A very unexpected, flawed, young mama. But he also made me more patient, more kind and compassionate, happier, more full.

He loves music. Since he was a baby he has been singing. He loves dinosaurs, superheroes, the color blue, his sister, playing outside, the beach, his pets. He's so sensitive to everything and it is the best thing about him. He wears his heart on his sleeve. I worry for him, when he's older and I can't protect him. Already the world is showing him her sharper edges, but he rolls with the punches. He isn't afraid to cry it out.

He's what I named my Etsy store after. His favorite color is blue and his nickname is Buddy. Blue Buddy!

We play in the rain together. We sing. We dance. He loves to learn how to bake. He loves to go for walks and do science experiments. He is gentle and kind, even to people who are mean to him.

Life is better because he exists.


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