Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I love the holidays and I love traditions. Some of my favorite memories from childhood are of our family traditions and now that we have a little family of our own it's lovely to create new ones and bring back some old ones.

Our holiday fun usually starts right after the first born's birthday. We wait until after his party and then I start throwing up some Christmas decorations. The tree goes up after Thanksgiving but anything else is fair game! No shame in my Christmas game.

Some of our traditions!

We decorate the tree together every year. Our ornaments are made up of plastic balls that the kids can't break and family ornaments, some of them passed down from woman to woman in my family. The white icicles are from my grandma as well as some turtle doves and little mice from Germany.

One of my favorite traditions is making a new ornament for each kid every year and one for each other. Peter makes mine, I make his. His is actually in the oven baking right now. He's getting a salt dough gingerbread man that the kids are painting as the Flash. Cool, right?


The kids this year with their ornaments. Ollie got a Mario mushroom (due to his new obsession with Mario) and Al asked me for a hippo. She named him Elvis, haha!

Another ornament tradition- Every year we take a plastic ball and write the date and a bunch of family things that happened. This year- Ollie graduated Kindergarten! We adopted Melody. We bought The Fish of Boe. Etc. I love looking at them every year.
We do a little calendar countdown every year and also an advent calendar with a piece of chocolate for each kid, which is a big hit for obvious reasons. Christmas Eve is a Big Deal. We have new PJs, a new book, hot chocolate and a movie. We decorate cookies for Santa and make reindeer food and open 1 gift each and then we read Twas The Night Before Christmas. Christmas Eve is totally tied for awesomeness. But I am SO PUMPED for Christmas tomorrow.
And now I have that tradition song from Fiddler on the Roof stuck in my head! Haha.
Merry Christmas, cupcakes. Have a happy one.

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