Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Recap

Our Christmas was nice and chill. The kids woke up, opened gifts, we had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then headed off to the in-laws. Then it was to my parent's house. The kids were spoiled rotten.

This pretty much sums up Christmas day, haha. Excitement! Missing teeth! Mess! Toys! A lot of yelling!

The highlight for me was probably when Alice Mae opened up her crocheted hat and fox cowl and say 'ohhhh, thank you Mommy!'. I loved that she instantly knew it was from me. <3 Same with her little cooking kit I put together for her (pink apron with a bear face drawn on, pink whisk, fun green spatulas, painted wooden spoons!). Made my heart melt.

The kids got, among a zillion other things, scooters, a drum set, a guitar and they each got a wooden treasure box full of craft supplies. I'm pretty psyched to decorate those treasure boxes. I have a few ideas rolling around.
And husband finally got to see his blanket! I love it so much. This is the best photo I have of it just now but those colors are so pretty. So much green.

And so it's over for another year. I'm feeling a little blue after the Christmas season, as always. The house seems so dark after all the sparkly lights. But I look forward to next year! Maybe we'll even be expecting another little one, if all goes to plan in 2015. This is my prayer and greatest wish, at least.

Happy almost New Year! Many blessings.

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