Thursday, January 30, 2014

Snow Day Down South

So we got snow! The first time in about 3 years that we've had more than just a 20 minute flurry of snow. The kids were patiently waiting all day on Tuesday but it didn't start falling until after bedtime. Around 9:30 I went outside and the ground was covered in white. I love that moonlit way that everything glows at night after a snow fall.

We decided to wake the first born up since he had been so anxious for it all day and he was just as happy and excited as I thought he'd be.

The next day the ground was covered in the stuff and I had both the kids and the husband home for a snow day. It was Al's first snow experience! She went between in love and not pleased, depending on how cold her hands were.
The dogs had no problem with it. Which reminds me! I never mentioned that about a week and a half before Christmas we added a new addition to the family. Wendy, a loveable, huggable, sweet as sugar mut that we adopted for the kiddos (since my little old lady loves me but is not so great with kids). Meet Wendy-
My old lady was very adventurous. I was glad that I'd made her a little sweater a while back-
We made snow cream for the first time which was amazing! And so easy. My husband loved it.
Being the massive Southerner that I am, I am unable to cope with long term cold, haha. So I have been cuddling up under thick blankets a lot and drinking hot tea and occupying myself with crocheting projects-
I have some granny squares in the works for future bags and then I started playing with owl granny squares and am now working on a Hogwarts themed blanket-
Found a new obsession- lovies
The snow is still around today so I have the boy with me. I see a long, adventurous walk in the winter wonderland in our future and some hot chocolate. Mmmm.

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