Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Finished, WIP, Moody Madness

The weekend was a lot of housework and finishing some pretty projects in our home, which I will talk about some time this week. There was also some fun crocheting happening.

I finally finished the little lady's capelet and it's a big hit. She calls it her 'batman cape'! That child will grow up to be a superhero, I just know it.


I'm in love with the colors, with the way it changes from blue to purple to turquoise. I love the pompoms so much and how big they are. I just wrapped yarn around 4 fingers over and over and then tied it off and cut up the sides where the yarn looped to make them. The drape and size is perfect. I wanted it to be slightly big so that she could use it for a few years.

I started a mood blanket! I saw a few people talking about it and I'm a little late to the game but the gist is that you assign colors to moods and every day you make a square of whatever mood and then put them all together. After a year you have a blanket!

I am not sure that I'm happy with pink so that might change to aqua or a color in that realm. I love the Simply Soft turquoise and grape color that I'm using. I'll have to detail out my mood colors once I get a moment.
A cute fleece owl blanket was found
And I have already cut some of it up and put it to adorable use in a lovey. I have more plans for it. Possibly a fleece ear warmer for the little miss?
I have a few projects to finish up (still working on hooking up some granny squares) and some that I want to start this week (crocheted shelf edging for our kitchen) and some orders to mail out. I'm a happy lady.

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