Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Baking Bread

I have been bread obsessed. Cinnamon banana bread, chocolate chip banana bread, beer bread, rolls. You name it.

I love baking. I had never tried bread until maybe a year ago. I have a trusty bread machine but there is something beautiful and fulfilling to me about taking a few hours out of my day and loving on some yeasty dough.

I love the frothy sugar water and mixing it all together with a wooden spoon. I love that my daughter is so invested in the process and that my kids watch the unveiling of the dough with big wide eyes and are thrilled to see how it has expanded. I love that they want to punch the dough down and help me knead it. I love the smell of the yeast in the bread and the smell of it baking. I love cutting the first slice and taking that delicious warm bite and passing slices to everyone. It is a true gift, to break bread with your loved ones. To take something that you worked hard on and put so much time into and watch your family enjoy it.


Probably my very favorite part was asking Oliver if wanted any boysenberry jam and him exclaiming 'boys?! in berries?!'. Haha! What a goose.

We also have immensely enjoyed a large supply of lemon coconut pixies this week. Delicious, flaky little things.

Currently I have some beer bread baking away! We'll have some fancy grilled cheese sandwiches tonight. The process of bread making just never gets old to me. It is always interesting and relaxing and fun and with such a yummy result.

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