Monday, June 23, 2014

In a funk

For a few weeks I just haven't felt that joy from crocheting. I've been so busy and also sick from my asthma and overwhelmed. It hasn't felt fun and even the thought of crocheting made me anxious.

I feel like I'm getting out of that. A lot of it was feeling unprepared but I feel better now. More confident and happy with my choices.

I picked up the hook a few days ago and started working on a dress idea for Miss Mae. Originally I'd intended this design to end up on this thrifted pink shirt.

But as the color choices came together I realized that I didn't love it. So I bought a fire engine red shirt and it.was.amazing. I love the combo.
So tada!

There is nothing fancy about it. It's simple, sweet, muted. The red is the star.
I simply made some 2 round granny squares. Seven in all to fit around my girl. Then I did a round of double crochet around each square and attached them and did a double crochet border on the top and bottom. The sleeves are also double crochet. I used a cotton yarn to reduce the stretching.
After all of that was done I just cut the top off of a large tshirt and attached my crochet creation to it with elastic thread. It worked out beautifully.
I already have another skein of a pretty magenta cotton to go with that pink shirt and I'll be making up another dress this week.
It's so simple and easy. I'm happy to be at it again.

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