Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Splash of Color

Still chugging along in Miss Mae's room and it's coming along really beautifully. I am pretty much in love with her room. It could be because it's the only nearly finished room in the house or because it's pretty. Or both.

Over the weekend I decided that her dresser would be the next thing knocked off of my list. It was going from a pale green ,which is the color it has been since she was born, to a bright aqua.

The before!

I simply covered the knobs with painters tape instead of removing them.

I used this spray paint and loved it. Dreamy. Goes on beautifully. The 2x is my new bff. I'm writing love notes in my journal to this spray paint. I bought 2 cans and only needed most of 1. Previously I've used regular spray paint on this dresser and it has taken nearly 2 full cans. So, kudos to you, spray paint friend. The color is aqua.

TA-DA! Almost.
So this dresser was going right back to its original spot and I wanted to make that little nook more interesting. I've seen some cute poster board flower type stuff and I thought hey, how hard could it be. Turns out, it's even easier than I expected.
The gist! I took my post board which was like 40 cents and drew some different sizes of a simple pointy edged oval shape over and over. I didn't really care so much about making it perfect because I figured in the cutting stage I could change things a bit with the blades if I wanted. Make the ends pointier and such.

I cut those suckers out and painted just the tips with red or yellow paint.

And then just using some painters tape I arranged them on the wall in a pleasing fashion. I started making a smallish circle with some smaller petals and then worked out from that in all directions.

End result- fabulous. Super cheap (if you had to get all of the supplies it would cost around 3 bucks), pretty, easy, quick and eye catching while also being laid back and not too in your face. Alice calls it her wall star.

Throw it all together and you get-


Some of the details on the dresser- frame for 1 dollar from Michael's, mason jar painted and used as a vase, some free baby's breath from a wedding.

I decided to outfit the frame with some notebook paper and I'll change the message willy nilly. Currently it has one of my favorite lines ever.

A basket that I crocheted a while back that houses all of Mayhem's play jewelry, a thrifted owl cutie.

I am considering changing out the knobs on her dresser in the future. We'll see!

So that is it in her room for this second! I think painting her closet will be next. Her room is the most finished and it's so inspiring to have a room that looks just about done. Definitely motivates me to work hard on other rooms!

And in other news- the first born graduated preschool last night. He was a doll. I cried. It was good times.

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