Thursday, September 25, 2014

Meet Melody

When I was 11 this scrawny abandoned 1 year old cat found me in our yard. I fed him chicken to make friends and he was ours from that moment on. We named him Blueberry and we I moved away with my little family he joined me. We lived many happy years together and then he went to the rainbow bridge last July as a very old, very loved old man. We had recently gotten another cat, our cute fancy tuxedo boy named Norman. After Blueberry died I couldn't deal with the thought of getting another cat yet.

And so the year went. It took me a long time to even consider getting another cat. Norman seemed like he needed a kitty friend to hang with and the kids have been begging me for it. So that's how we came to get a kitten.

Please meet Melody.

A happier kitten there has never been. Living among balls and balls of yarn? Yes please.

She fit right in immediately, after a few days of hiding under the couch of course. We named her after River of Doctor Who (Melody Song being her given name) and she is certainly living up to the name. Makes our days more lively for sure. She spends her days curled up in Alice's arms 'being rocked like a baby' or draped across some part of my body, purring like crazy. As my Mama would say 'she gets her engine running'! You can hear those purrs from across the room. When she's awake, she is AWAKE. Wide open. Zoom zoom zoom. Norman is finely warming up to her and they play all the time, usually resulting in someone fussing over the other biting too hard. It's new and fun and we're all learning together. So that's her! The new baby. We love her lots. 

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