Wednesday, September 17, 2014

August Makes

I feel like August was a busy crocheting month for me. It just felt like a good time to spend a lot of my day on the couch and crochet as much as possible. I've been working hard at some wintery stuff for the family. Gloves, hats, scarves, the usual suspects. Fingerless gloves are my new love. I've made 3 pairs of TARDIS fingerless gloves for my nerds and the next thing I'm going to crochet is probably going to be Iron Man gloves. Oh yeah.

The list of makes in August-

- 2 twin sized ripple blankets
- 10 preemie hats, including 2 pumpkin ones
- pumpkin hat for Alice
- 3 bow hats for Alice, 1 bow hat for our niece
- a rainbow hat for each of the kiddos
- winter set for Alice (capelet, slouch hat, mittens)
- frankenbunny
- zombie tablet case
- a bag for myself
- owl hat, zombie octopus, nerd octopus, owl bunting for a friend
- bag for my sister's birthday
- bower bird wall hanging for mom's birthday
- 3 sets of tardis fingerless gloves
- a striped pair of fingerless gloves for moi
- about 60 granny squares for the Mario blanket (Christmas gift)
- cat toys
- 2 washcloths

That's a lotta stuff! I think probably the most I've ever made in a month, especially factoring in the blankets. I started them so early because they are Christmas blankets and I didn't want to be struggling to finish right before the holiday. Boom, done within 3 weeks! September is looking to be busy too. Trying to get more Christmas gifts made. I'm also doing a fair amount of cross stitching, which is a nice change. I almost think I needed it after all of that hooking.

Some peeks-

I rarely make things for myself so this tablet sleeve (and the pretty granny square bag above) was a real treat for me.

Preemie hats for the hospital.

 Miss Mae seems to love her bow hats. I think they're very flapper-esque.

More stuff for me! Fingerless gloves in the making, to match my bag.
I'm almost excited to see summer winding down and chillier weather approaching so that we can wear our fancy new crocheted stuff. Almost. 

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