Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Practicing Gratitude - Miss Mae

Life has certainly been a series of ups and downs the past few years. And I am not an optimist, I have to tell ya. I'm more of realistic borderline pessimist. It is hard for me to hope for things and I don't make long term plans because I don't trust things.

I might not be very optimistic, but I am grateful. Or I try to be. There is a lot of good here. So I'm trying to make it a habit to be more thankful and to acknowledge that gratefulness. Hopefully this will be a monthly or twice monthly post.

Today, I'm dedicating this to my daughter.

I am so grateful for Alice Mae. Miss Mae. Cupcake. Alice Mayhem. Al. She is strong, fierce, cuddly, kind, devoted, artistic, bright, hilarious, an amazing dancer, curious and so much more. She fills me up. I knew she would be ferocious and wonderful from the moment I knew she was growing in me. When I see 'though she be but little, she is fierce' I immediately think of her. That is SO her.

She makes us brave. I've seen her brother blossom and open up to people because of her example. She doesn't take any crap. If Oliver picks on her, she sticks up for herself. Turn music on and she will immediately start dancing. If there's a beat, she can't help but move! Her head bobs, her fingers try to snap, her hips move. She loves the beach. We are so alike in that. Mermaids that somehow missed our calling.

She is absolute sass.

I'm so thankful to have her, to get to be her Mama. She is a gift.

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