Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Five

TGIF, am I right? I'm so excited for the weekend. Here's 5 from our week.

1. Tomorrow is our anniversary!

Look at us! Such babies! Halloween 2006 was our first date. <3 We are going on a date to celebrate tomorrow for the first time since our 1st anniversary.

2. Treats on the Streets

A town near us does a special Halloween event the Thursday before Halloween where all of the shops on main street hand out candy to children. It was so fun! Our town doesn't do much Halloween-wise and there isn't a lot of trick or treating to be had so this was great. Alice decided to dig into her dress up box and be a princess instead Supergirl. Ollie stuck with the blue Power Ranger.

3. The best library stack.

4. Al and I started our first chapter book!

After 1 chapter she asked for another and then when I said we had to take a nap she said it was the best book ever and can we please read it so much that night. Yay!

5. KonMari

If you've never heard of KonMari, it's a method of cleaning and decluttering and organizing your home. It is pretty much changing my life. Mostly the idea of only holding onto things that spark joy. I definitely hold onto things because of fear or feeling like I have to. Something a family member gave us and feeling like it would be rude to get rid of. Holding onto baby toys and clothes, not because they bring me joy but because I worry we'll have a 3rd baby and not have any of these things. Letting go of these fears is freeing. I've been loving getting rid of things. As the clutter of the house disappears, my mind feels less crazy and anxious.

Off to the last day of the week! Have a beautiful weekend.

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