Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcoming Fall

Today is the very first chilly day of the season. Still not cold enough to make us turn on the heat, but enough that the kids needed a sweater going out today. It's also a very blustery, rainy day. I've enjoyed having that noise all day, the pouring rain outside and occasional rumbles of thunder and wind blowing leaves all over the street. It's a perfect lazy day.

My basket of yarn and a mug of warm cocoa with cinnamon are all I need. I am a lover of all seasons (although summer will always have the number 1 place in my heart) and I really enjoy these first hints of autumn. Warm drinks in pretty mugs, cute sweaters, leggings and tights, crockpot soups and most of all crocheting for the cold months ahead. I have been in a hat making frenzy! I made a ton of hats for people and then realized that I needed one for myself and so-

My first hat just for me! I am in serious love. I've had some massive hat envy over Mary Margaret on Once Upon A Time! I spend the whole time I'm watching the show drooling over her wardrobe. Yummy stuff. Now I have my own chic crocheted hat to quell my hat lust. But not for long. That pink creation in the works in the first photo is going to be my next hat just for me!
In case anyone else is suffering from hat envy and wants to partake in their own crocheting hats adventure, here is the link to the 8 round hat I'm wearing-
So welcome Fall! Welcome beautiful hat season and colorful leaves and pumpkin everything! 
Onward to one of my favorite holidays- Halloween!

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