Friday, October 18, 2013

Basket Painting

My week has been crazy busy, mostly the past 2 days. For some reason my motivation is at an all time high and I'm embodying the Goddess of home improvement. So much getting done! Cupboards painted. Ba-bam! First born's room painted. Ba-bam! Back door painted. Ba-bam! Check me out.

So basically I've been doing a lot of painting, haha! That's exactly what I'm going to talk about. It's a tutorial of sorts but I mean, it's not really. Just kind of something to throw some inspiration for others out into the ether.

My Mama brought me some nifty little baskets that will be divine for organizing odds and ends (the picture with my yarn sitting in it is one of those baskets!) and I wanted to jazz them up a little. The easiest way to do that was a quick and simple paint job! I am still unpacking various crafty odds and ends so my paint supply was rather limited but I did have a bright lime green and a pretty turquoise that I thought would be perfect.

I started with a plain basket, some paint and a little paint brush-

I wanted the turquoise to be kind of a white wash. Very subtle and with some of the basket weave showing through-
I wasn't terribly worried about neatness.
I decided to paint the bottom of it and then random stripes at the top and I quite like how it turned out!
I also painted my yarn basket in the lime green-
This one I painted a strip of the bottom and the rim and then dashes along the handle. It's so bright and happy!


That's my little side project for the weekend! So happy with them. 

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