Monday, November 4, 2013


Last night and this morning have been spent making cookies as a thank you gift to my parents for being awesome (and letting us borrow their car). I found this cool looking and easy recipe for amish sugar cookies and made up a batch last night. It makes A LOT of cookies, which is great because some can be given away and some enjoyed by my little family and put aside for first born/husband lunches.

This morning I decided to dress up some of the cookies with a bit of frosting. I usually make a simple glaze for sugar cookies but these are so fluffy that I thought they'd go well with an easy cream cheese frosting that wasn't too sweet.

It turned out smooth and delicious. The recipe is really simple! Here it is-

* 3 ounces of cream cheese, at room temp
* half a stick of butter, at room temp
* half a cup of powdered sugar
* 1 teaspoon of vanilla
* 2 teaspoons of lemon

I whipped the cream cheese, butter, vanilla and lemon juice together for a minute until it was smooth and then added my powdered sugar and mixed until well incorporated into my liquidy mixture. It resulted in a very fluffy, smooth, lemony frosting. Perfect for sugar cookies! Lemon glaze or frosting on sugar cookies is my favorite.

After I'd frosted about 2 dozen of my cookies I decided to pretty them up with some sprinkles. Chocolate, multi colored and X's and O's.

They turned out really cute! Not to mention super delicious. This recipe made a ton of cookies and the frosting/sprinkle combo added just the right touch to make it a loving, yummy thank you nod to the folks.
Miss Mae thinks so too, she was caught stealing sprinkles off the top!

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