Saturday, November 2, 2013

Life Talk- Seasons

I read something today that made me stop and catch my breath because it was like it was written just for me. 'Don't waste the season of life you are in now because you want the next one to come.' I needed this reminder and I'll probably need it every day for a while.

It seems like a lot of my life lately has been lived waiting for the next season of life. Our little family has had quite a lot of struggle over the past year. It hasn't been an easy time at all and sad or difficult things have piled themselves on top of us and I have just been waiting. Waiting for the new house, waiting for relationships to get better, waiting for life to get easier. I don't mean it to sound as though I sit back and expect life to turn out how I want it. I work hard and try even harder. But life has been at a standstill for months. We finally seem to be in our new season and it's a good time. Things are falling into place and the life we have worked so hard for is coming together and working out.

There is always more though, isn't there? Always more to want or need. We have big life plans happening and it's difficult to wait on them sometimes. We want to expand our family. That is the hardest thing to wait for and my impatience is a beast to deal with sometimes. Wanting another child is a very raw and powerful thing and we have suffered through losses before so it is that much harder to not only make the decision to try to get pregnant but then to wait for it to happen. The waiting game. Oh how I dislike it.

I will have to keep that thought in my head though. This season of life is beautiful and if we are destined to have more children and expand our family, I want to always have these months being a mom of 2 and enjoy them. Having memories with my babies and good times with them is the most important thing. The next season will come.

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