Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blankets Blankets and Some Knitting

I haven't talked about the mood blanket for a while! Still chugging along. It's easy for me to put it off and end up like 5 days behind but I'm all caught up now and trying to stay that way.

It's going to be soooo huge! I love it. I love the colors and the width and the square pattern.

I just love granny squares.
I also picked up another blanket project. My son asked for a blanket and how could I say no? Well to be honest, I didn't want to. I love making blankets.
It's going to be patchwork and brightly colored and fabulous and unplanned and perfectly crazy.

So many colors! Eeeee. He loves it so far. He's very impatient to have it done.
As much as I love crochet I have always been interested in knitting but my past attempt (last June sometime) was so stressful and blah and I hated it. A friend tried to teach me one night and then I attempted it on my own again and I couldn't get a rhythm going.
I decided to try again because I came down with a crazy desire to knit socks. I just had to learn to knit. I even ordered gorgeous fancy fingering weight yarn to someday use on the socks I will undoubtedly knit because I am THAT determined.
But the second attempt wasn't going much better. I started a few nights ago. Video after video. I just couldn't get it. It was frustrating, there were curse words, there were threats made to inanimate objects like knitting needles. But then a video where a woman explained how she knits left handed because she crochets made my world change. The heavens opened, light bulbs went off, angels sang.
Just by changing the hand I used the yarn in I suddenly got it. It started to flow. My speed picked up. My tension got 10 times better!
After practicing a bit I've now started on my first little dish cloth, which I'm so excited for. It's so pretty and yellow and I looove bamboo needles. So much easier than the slippery metal ones I used on my first try! I'm looking forward to taking my little knitting projects with me.
I'm nearly half way finished with this now.
I adore it! Sunshiney colored, bumpy. I love the knit stitch. It's so new and different after crocheting! Exciting new possibilities!
And so that's my blanket updates (although I have 2 more I'm about to start on! One for my daughter and a quilt for me and the husband) and my knitting adventure this week. It has been a good crafty week already. 

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