Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Lazies

Sunday is coming to its close which always leaves me feeling a little blue. I love the weekend. I love that lately our weekends have been slow and calm. No plans. No goals other than to spend time together and possibly tidy things up a bit. Baking, catching up on favorite tv shows (The Big Bang Theory is our current one, last weekend was all about Doctor Who), crocheting, going for walks.

Today was beautiful. Weather in the 70's, gorgeous sunshine, big wide open blue sky. Not too hot. The kids of course wanted to spend as much time as possible outside so I set up my chair while they played in the dirt of our not nearly grassy enough yard. I brought out my book (Ender's Game) and a snack and a yummy cold cup of lemonade. Plastic cup of course because I am notorious for shattering glasses pretty much as soon as they come out of the cupboard.

The kids and I are on a fruit binge. The fruit of the day was kiwi, followed closely by apple slices.

I don't think these babes are every happier than when they are getting absolutely filthy and digging in the dirt. Today they pretended to dig for dinosaur bones.

I've spent a lot of time on a custom crochet order this weekend, which I'll share later. I'm really happy with it! I have also been playing catch up with blankets. I have my mood blanket happening and I was nearly 2 weeks behind! I really have to set a daily reminder for myself to get squares done.

My couch looks like this pretty much 24/7.

Just a huge jumble of yarn and works in progress and my little blue box full of crochet hooks and scissors.

This weekend shall also be known as the weekend of laundry. We finally bought a portable washing machine and I'm willing to say that I'm in love with it. It may only wash a little at a time but it's quick and efficient and works well and I've been playing catch up with our laundry which is pretty much just mountain after mountain at this point and I am so happy to say that I'm DONE with the laundry in the house, which is saying a lot and also saying very little all at once since I still have a very large amount of laundry to do that is sitting out on our porch. I am not a fan of Laundromats and it's hard to force myself to go. Having my beautiful tiny 1 cubic foot washing machine here is going to work wonders on my life.

That's a beautiful sight for this lady. I love hanging clothes on the line. Since I was a little girl. Something about the smell of them when they are all dry and cozy after soaking up the sun for a day or 2, it's one of those smells that instantly gives me a mood boost.

I think we'll have one more day of nice weather before the temp drops about 30 degrees. We'll enjoy this gorgeousness while it lasts.

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