Monday, March 10, 2014

Simple Little Magnets

I recently bought clothes pins for a little photo project and had a ton left over and wanted to use them for other fun stuff. I've seen some cute clothes pin magnets and thought what the heck! Lets give it a try.

So here is my short little version on how to make your own super cute, easy peasy, sturdy, make your fridge look chic clothes pin magnets.

Firstly, I took my pins and some pretty paper I had on hand and then mod podged the paper to my pins. Easy, right? I also brushed some mod podge over the paper once it was applied just to give it some heft.

I bought some adhesive magnetic sheets for about 2 bucks and traced my pins about half way down on them and cut out my little strips.

Then I attached them, which was really easy with the adhesive backing. For extra reassurance I painted a little mod podge on the pins as well. If there's some overhang on the sides you can just trim it up!

Nice and neat now!

Ta da! On the fridge, holding up things like a boss.

Really easy quick project (the mod podge dries in no time) and don't they look so much cuter than the freebie magnets you get from places? Which is pretty much what my fridge has been covered in! I could see other idea for these. Maybe some dollar tree fun to be had? Fake flowers, plastic bugs and butterflies, crocheted goodness? I plan on making more of some type of magnet because I have a bunch of magnetic sheet left!

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