Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilted Goodness

I love quilts. I love looking at them and I love the idea of them and the different methods and the different patterns. I've never properly made a quilt. I've started one! I have lovely strips of fabric all sewed together and ready to be made into a quilt but it as been sitting in a box for 2 years. One day..

I saw the blog post from Young House Love about the baby quilt she made for their baby boy on the way and I thought what an easy way to make a lovely blanket!

So the gist of it is that you are embroidering a quilted fabric, not so much making a 'quilt'. I loved the inspiration behind the baby quilt and I loved the method. Easy peasy, nothing too crazy, something I could easily do in spare half hour slots.

I bought my quilted fabric from Jo-Ann's over the weekend and husband and I picked out different colors of embroidery thread. Just going by the sheets we recently bought for our bed (one greenish dark aqua color and a navy blue set) we decided on a blue and green theme. Made sense.

I decided to insure myself a little and keep the labels from my thread so that I can easily get more if needed.

Onto the fun part! Since I'm making this for me and the husband I actually bought 5 yards of the quilted fabric and just cut it right down the middle and then sewed it together.

When I started my stripes I took into account that I plan to make my quilt a little differently and put a backing piece in a solid blue/green color so I left a little room on the edges for that to happen.

I just went to town on it! The top pic is an easy way to get a few stitches at a time. If you're a stickler for perfection and you want each stitch to be exactly the same, that might not work for you. My goal is a very easy, handmade quit and I don't care a lick about stitch placement or size. I like the varied look of them.

The bottom photo is the progress so far. A celery line and a deep blue line. I think this will take me a while (probably weeks) since I'm going to work on it in spare moments and mostly the rare kid-free times. It's a huge honking thing of heavy fabric and it's white so bringing it out is a hassle, putting it away is a hassle, and trying to keep it clean gives me a heart attack, haha. I'll definitely share progress as I go and the finished product. It's exciting to be working on 2 things so different from crochet right now. My knitting and my quilted goodness.

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