Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

We had a really nice weekend! It was kind of busy on Saturday so I wasn't expecting to super enjoy myself since I get run down in social situations pretty easily, but it was good.

We started our 4th with more baby snuggles and some biscuits and gravy with my BFF. There's no better way to start a Saturday. We moved on to the zoo with our oldest niece and my MIL. It was a perfect zoo day, especially for July. Warm but overcast so we weren't being baked alive. And all of the animals were out! First time ever. The lions and tigers and bears. Oh my. I taught Alice to say that. It's as cute as can be.

From here we went shopping at Once Upon A Child, which is possibly one of my favorite things, and they were having a HUGE sale! All clearance for only a dollar. I got Alice a few more skirts and shorts and a couple of shirts and I feel like I should have gotten her more.

We had a big dinner with my family and then went to one of my other favorite places, 2nd and Charles, where I scored some excellent books. I'm slowly getting rid of books that I don't want anymore or plan to read again and I'm trying to build a nice little library for the kiddos.

It was already 8 by this point so we decided to just stay in town and find some fireworks to watch. I'm so glad we did! We went to a 'beach party' at the park and listened to The Tams and danced and played in the sand and then the kids oohed and ahhed at fireworks. It was worth staying out late just to see their faces.

We had an hour drive back home and got home at nearly midnight. The kids were passed out and went to bed so sweetly and without a fuss, which is unheard of. It was all so much fun. Sunday was lazy and slow with big meals and lots of laying around. Ace weekend.

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