Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Things Making Me Happy

Free Splash Pads What fun! There are a bunch near us and we plan on exploring them all this summer.

Library Field Trips We've been to 2 so far, the fire department and a topiary garden, and they have been so fun.

Crochet Graphgan for Ollie The Weasley blanket has officially been made a side project. I will finish it one day, but those little squares are keeeeling my hands so I'm starting a whole new blanket for the first born's birthday in November. Hopefully he likes.

Homemade Popsicles I looooove making homemade frozen pops for the kids. We've done juice ones, Sprite ones and ones that had juice and gummy fruit snacks, which were a big hit obviously. My latest is pudding pops! These are literally just some pudding cups I had in the pantry, I spooned a little into my pop molds, added a little chopped strawberry on top, more pudding, most strawberry, finish with pudding and freeze overnight. The kids love them. Ollie said 'if you were on a cooking show you would definitely win'.

Summer Reading I wish I wasn't so lazy so I could go take a pic of the stack of library books we have. It can't be contained by our library basket (which is very large) and has swallowed our table. Loving it. We are reading all the books.

Last but Not Least- Babies We have a new niece and my BFF just had a baby not even 2 weeks ago so we are in baby land. Alice Mae is so in love with babies and wants to watch over them and pet them. She met the BFF's over the weekend and held him and a dream came true. All that kid wanted was to hold a for realz baby. She spent our older niece's birthday party watching over the newest niece and just dying to hold her. I can't even. I mean, what a great big sis she will be.


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