Monday, December 14, 2015

Master Gingerbread Decorators

This weekend we stayed cozy at home except for one short foray to a nearby park to see some Christmas lights. It was the first lights exhibit I've seen with a bunch of character lights, which was pretty neat. They had TMNT, some Disney stuff, Blues Clues, Winnie the Pooh and a bunch of others.

Saturday night was pretty fun because we had the town Christmas parade! The first born and husband walked with the float from his school, which was a really neat one decked out as Arendelle, while the girl child and I watched from the sidewalk. The kids managed to sneak in and get a photo with Anna and Elsa!

Sunday was another laid back day, thankfully, and we did some DIY gift making and then decorated our gingerbread trains. The kids had such a blast and within 5 minutes of this picture they had completely destroyed their trains and started eating them.  At least I got photographic evidence of their gingerbread mastery first.

Christmas is next week! Anyone else feeling both halla excited and also really sad it will be over soon? It goes by too fast.

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