Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Resolutions- How Did It Go?

I haven't really thought about my yearly goals over the past few months but I'm taking a look back at them now to see what I accomplished. The great thing about 'goals' and 'resolutions' is that they change as you do. Some of the things I thought I wanted to accomplish turned out to be pretty unimportant to me and weren't things that were adding any joy to my life so I nixed 'em and that's cool. You should totally do that when things just aren't working out. Why waste time on something that isn't lighting your fire? So here they are, my 2015 goals and what happened with all of that.

Firstly, craft goals. I had 8 things I wanted to focus on/accomplish. Lets break it down.

Finally finally finally finish Oliver's blanket, which I started over a year ago.
Big fail. Womp womp. I have started 2 blankets for him and not finished either of them because I just wasn't into it. It will happen after Christmas. I just have to decide what I want to do for him.

Make Alice a blanket.
I did accomplish this and in the very beginning of the year too!

Crochet a baby blanket for all close friends and family members that get knocked up.
I have stuck to this, despite it being really hard sometimes, what with my ovaries not working.

Try a new craft! Maybe this rainbow loom craziness?
I totally did try the rainbow loom! We got one for the first born last Christmas and I'm the only one to have used it so far. It was fun but not something I'll pick up as a hobby, probably.

Document all crocheted/crafted things with photos. Keep those photos in a separate file on the computer. Try to blog at least once a month about WIPs.
I have MOSTLY accomplished this. I think there are a few things that I forgot to photograph before they were sent to people and I have slacked on blogging about it for a while now.

Use my sewing machine more often.
I don't think it was pulled out even once. That's okay! This was the year of crochet. And screwing around with an annoying sewing machine isn't my jam these days.

Designate myself a space for craft supplies, organize the hell out of it and make it pretty.
Sort of? I have my most used yarn organized and set out nicely and my most used craft stuff set up neatly. I'll call it a win.

Work on my Etsy shop. Get better at putting myself out there.
Well, I ended up putting my shop on hold sometime back in the summer because my anxiety was raging out of control and the idea of dealing with customer orders and such was too much. I think I'll open it again sometime in the next year but I'm working out what it will focus on and what I really get pleasure out of making so that I can put my energy into that and zone in on a niche for myself.

Those are the crafty resolutions and goals. I feel good about them. I don't have any for next year except keep making things that really make me happy and hopefully learn to knit socks. That's something I'd really love to accomplish. I think I'd also like some sort of daily project or a weekly/monthly kind of thing but we'll see!

I'll share my other resolutions later and go over them and maybe plan out some goals for 2016, who knows!

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