Thursday, December 17, 2015

Resolutions- Looking Back

Yesterday I went over my crafting resolutions and how it went this year, today I am going over my other resolutions and goals for 2015 and looking back on how this year went.

My resolutions went like this-

Say YES more- I feel like this was a success. I have major anxiety issues and sometimes saying yes is so hard for me that it makes me ill but I did try a lot. I think we've had more experiences and adventures this year than any other.

Happiness Project- This one is half and half. I stuck to it for the first half of the year and then things went very downhill in my personal life and even though that was probably the most important time to try to stick with it, trying to force happiness when things are in chaos is just too much for this gal. I'd like to do this again one day. I think it's a lovely idea.

Read more- Boy did I. In my blog post I said I wanted to hit at least 25 books but I ended up setting my Goodreads goal to 50 books and I surpassed that by 9 books so far. I think I'll finish at least 2 more before the year is over. And this is with 3 months of hard reading slumps for me so I think that's pretty good! I also wanted to read at least 1 chapter book a month with my kiddo and we are sitting pretty at 18 books. Not too shabby!

Exercise- Again with a good start and then it fizzled out.

Budget- Not so much until the past month but now that we're starting I think it will be easy to keep going. I want to save save save.

This year was really hard, not gonna lie. There were some huge personal bumps in the road and it honestly doesn't look like 2016 is going to be the best heading into it right now. I'm thinking about my goals for the new year and I know these goals are going to be much more personal and related to my relationships with people and my physical and mental well being. I'll be back with an update about what I am going to focus on closer to the new year. I'm happy with my goals for this past year though and I feel like I did a pretty great job. Sometimes goals change or just aren't feasible in the life you're living at that moment and that's okay. You just gotta do you, boo. Go forth and be awesome.

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