Thursday, February 20, 2014

Square A Day Blanket

I decided to make the oldest kiddo his own square a day blanket this year. I toyed with the idea of making Alice one too but she's only 2 and her life isn't terribly exciting or eventful. My idea is basically to journal Oliver's year. I'll make 1 granny square per day and on exciting days and holidays I'll make a special applique to attach to it. I think it'll be a cool way to look back on the year. :)

The start day I chose is January 27th since it's a Monday and so the blanket can go Monday-Sunday. I have been working the past few days to catch up with it.

I finally got a few days ahead! The past 3 weeks are all made up and sewed together (including a square for sometime next weekish because I had a massive sleepy Mommy wrangling a feisty toddler moment and sewed a square to the wrong side of another square, it happens). I chose the patchwork multi colored look after Oliver had a really cool response to one that I showed him online. And I have to say, I am LOVING it. I haven't added any appliques, I'm going to get on that today. 

This week we've also had some really lovely fun with Ollie's class and with some clear, warm weather and park days. My sister and I took the kids to the park and got some awesome photos.

Pretty sure you can tell how in love I am, right? Being a parent is hard but I really have the coolest gig in the world.

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