Monday, January 11, 2016

A Book Challenge!

I like lists. It's a thing about me. I make lists all the time. Checking things off of lists? Best. Thing. Ever. So satisfying. I'm a fan of book challenges because it gives me things to focus on when trying to pick my next book. I thought, why not challenge my kiddo this year as well? Give him his own reading challenge to complete? And so, this short list was born.

The 2016 Reading Challenge! Really, this could be for any age or grade or reading level. Adults, preschoolers, young adult, elementary aged, whatever! (Maybe as an adult you don't have a teacher or teacher friend to recommend a book, you could ask your favorite librarian instead!) I made it specifically for my 8 year old to keep him interested and challenged and looking for new and different things. If this goes well we might add to it through the year. The possibilities for a reading challenge are really endless! You can totally freestyle it and do your own thang. Hopefully this gives you a nice jumping off point though!

We'll be utilizing our challenge list by printing it and taping it to the wall next to our book log so that we can cross off challenges as we complete them and add them to our book list. I'm excited to see what will be chosen to fit each category!

Happy reading! 

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