Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Five

 T.G.I.F ammirite?

Some going ons around the Kairos household.

1. What We're Reading- I just finished up The Deathly Hallows, which was magical (get it... get it??? but seriously) and started Tuck Everlasting. The first born is obsessed with Percy Jackson still but sadly we are nearly finished with the final book. It will be so sad when we're done.

2. Severe Winter Weather Warning- The South is in for it, y'all. So far in our area we've only had a lot of rain overnight and no freezing as of yet but I'm not holding out hope that we'll be passed by entirely. It's always a little scary when we have ice storms because of how many huge power outages even us younguns have been through due to winter weather. Hoping to keep the power on! Because heat is really nice in 20 degree weather.

3. Speaking of Deathly Hallows- I happened to have just started DH when the news of Allan Rickman's death broke. It was really heartbreaking for me. I am not a huge Snape fan (touchy subject since a lot of HP fans seem to worship Snape) but Rickman was the perfect Half-Blood Prince. Perfect. And he was so perfect in so many other notable roles, one of my favorites being Dr. Lazarus in Galaxy quest. I couldn't just let my book go back to the library without a nod to the beautiful bastard so I snuck a little sketch into the last chapter of Snape.

4. Looking for Valentine's Ideas- It's only a few weeks away! Husband and I already have plans for a hot date to see Deadpool (anyone else wickedly excited for that movie?) and a dinner out the night before but I want to spend the actual day with the babes and have a little Valentine's party! Pinterest to the rescue! I already have some fun pink straws and heart pattern cups and a so cute tablecloth with doodles for the kids to color. All bought at Wal Mart for a total of about 4 bucks. Now to plan the food and games and maybe a cute movie?

5. And that's it- Other than some crochet projects that I don't feel like getting up to take photos of and some books I'm excited to read, I don't have anything to talk about! Stay warm! Get your weekend on. I'm going to use up every second of mine.


  1. Sounds like you are as excited as I am about Valentine's Day. My husband and I are planning a stay-cation!

  2. My son loved the Percy Jackson series and was super sad when it was over. He just finished Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard, he liked that too!

    1. I think Ollie will make his way through the rest of Riordan's books! He picked up the first book in The Heroes of Olympus at the library this weekend.