Monday, March 21, 2016

100 Things I Love

books. cupcakes. sugar skulls. natural light. opera. tulips. yarn. white noise. clue. senior dogs. dr. pepper. spring. baking. gilmore girls. brick houses. wrap around porches. the ocean. flowers in vases. children's lit. gold. lemonade. granny squares. netflix. linen smell. the color aqua. rainbow book shelves. earrings. white cupboards. wood floors. picnics. slides. crocheting. fantasy novels. harry potter. coffee aisles. children. marriage. butter. thunderstorms. beards. seaweed salad. cozy blankets. cotton dresses. ice. decorating cakes. growing flowers. day trips. museums. hammerhead sharks. board books. zoos. celtic accents. trashy novels. aquariums. bunting. bookcases. ice cream sandwiches. chocolate. stacks of books. old photographs. josh groban. husband. coconut rum. names. windows. sunflowers. sex. teapots. beauty and the beast. toy stores. fire. going out to eat. memory boxes. school photos. holding hands. squishy chairs. fireworks. youtube. book vloggers. pajamas. being a mama. reading out loud. naps. christmas. birthdays. doors. walks. short hair. new years. knit hats. stickers. spanish moss. islands. laughing. peaches. peanut butter. star gazing. book stores. azalea bushes. pets.

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