Thursday, March 3, 2016

Little Confessions

Welcome to another Confessional Thursday.

I confess....

I pretty much never get dressed. If there is a place to go I will put on pants,... but otherwise? Pajama day is every day. Sorry not sorry.

If it isn't pajama pants, it will always be leggings. ALWAYS. Do I even own a pair of jeans anymore?

I confess that I have neglected pretty much everything except my children for 2 days while I've finished Me Before You, which I became way more invested in than I thought I would. Despite it being what I found predictable, I really enjoyed it and there are few things as good as getting lost in a book.

This week I have drank nothing but lemonade. I blame the Spring like weather. It is warm and sunny and feels like the right kind of time for a tall glass of sour sweetness.

There is a giant stack of library books that just came in for us and I am overjoyed at the mere sight of it. I often find myself thinking 'I would much rather be reading' when I'm having to socialize. Good thing my kids and husband are also book nerds.

I confess that yesterday I started vacuuming under the couch cushions with our big shop vac and somehow this led to me vacuuming the cracks between the wooden floor slats... and it was the most satisfying thing I have done in a long time. Vacuuming is such an instant gratification sort of thing. Somehow that led to me washing walls so I think it's safe to say Spring cleaning is happening.

And that'll do for this round. Happy confession making!

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