Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 MMD Reading Challenge

I love a good reading list. Challenges are easily the best of the reading lists for me. No actual books to read but a list of categories to fill. Yes please. Modern Mrs. Darcy is one of my most favorite blogs and this is my first year partaking in the reading challenge but I am very excited about!

So far I have managed to check off-

A Book You Can Finish In A Day- 

I've actually managed to get through a few books in a day over the past 2 months but Tuck Everlasting was the OG. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is youthful, sweet, and will give you a big case of the feels. 

A Book You've Been Meaning To Read-

When I started using Goodreads back... 2ish years ago? This was one of the first books I put on my 'to read' list. I've always been intrigued by Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children and indeed it proved to be a very intriguing read. It's one of those books with such a perfect cover, you know it has to be good. There are a few more books that I've crossed off my list this year. Divergent, The Selection, Tuck Everlasting. But this is the most memorable one, I think.

A Book Published Before You Were Born- 

Published in 1983, Heartburn by Nora Ephron fits the bill. It was kind of a flop for me. I enjoyed many aspects of it individually (the recipes shared, some plot elements) but together it didn't do much for me.

And that's 3 of 12. Something I have a hard time with is remembering to factor in challenge reads to my book buying/borrowing. I think a good step for me will be to actually make a list of the books I want to use to fill the categories so that I don't end up in December with 10 MMD books to read. I'll get cracking at that but it's not a bad start so far.

Happy reading!

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