Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Choosing a Paint Color

We are hard at work on our house! We've been trying very hard to update our kitchen in small, affordable ways, planning for fun things in the bedrooms, looking at bedroom furniture for ourselves and choosing paint colors.

Paint. This is a tricky subject for me and the husband because we don't tend to agree on colors. It almost always comes down to I like this one and he likes that one. See what I mean about tricky? We have to find a middle ground a lot of the time.

Currently we are still struggling to find a master bedroom paint color and there's no end in sight. I think we'll be living with paint swatches on our wall for a while, haha.

I decided a few weeks ago that I wanted to repaint our daughter's bedroom. We originally went with a pale purple, because she loooooves purple, but as we've lived here my ideas for the bedrooms for our kids have morphed and changed and grown and I realized that although purple is lovely, a more neutral color would be really awesome. A neutral color that she can grow with, that will work for a baby brother or sister if we have another kid (since she and any future baby would be sharing a room), that doesn't feel 'too girly' because she is definitely not a girly girl all the time. My main thing at this point with wanting to change her room color is that having purple walls holds us back a lot with decorating. You can't layer a whole lot of other colors in there! And I want bright, fun art and furniture.

So we went to the home improvement store and while we were there I basically just grabbed a ton of paint swatches. And then the process begins. It starts with just grabbing whatever looks good at the store. Once we're home we look through those swatches in our home's light and decide what doesn't work for us. We take turns with vetoes. Peter will say 'I don't like that one' and it goes and then I choose a color to go until we are left with just a handful. That handful gets tape to the wall!

The veto process starts again and then we are left with a small amount of choices. Like this.

That's usually where we get stuck and each have a favorite and can't decide. This time was no exception. Peter preferred the color on the left and I like the color on the top right the best. So we brought in Miss Mae to help.

She was as helpful as a 2 year old can be, haha! Meaning that she loved them all.

And so we compromised. The bottom right color happened to be a pretty good in between of the 2 that we favored, so we went with that one! This weekend the painting process will start and I'm very excited to start over with a blank canvas for her room

The color is called 'April Morning' which is a whole lot of funny to Peter since my name is April Dawn. Very serendipitous!

I'm really excited to get in there and get this done and then start layering in fun, colorful new pieces like the blanket I'm working on for her, bunting, a fun rug, and some really bright art.

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