Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 2 of Moody Madness, Wetland Weekend Fun

This weekend was lovely and warm and sunny with not a single drop of rain in our area, which was amazing.

Saturday we rested. I was sick from Thursday on (Thursday and Friday being the worst of it), so Saturday the husband let me sleep in late because he is a darling and then we laid around with the kids and were home bodies all day. <3 Love.

Sunday was much of the same except for some crochet work, some blanket work and a long walk in the wetlands.

We are lucky enough to live 10 minutes away from a state park that has an amazing swamp walk. A long boardwalk up on stilts that goes out out out into the wetlands. We discovered it a few months after moving here and it's a fun visit for us every few weeks. The kids love it. Running up and down the board walk, playing red light green light (or in our Doctor Who obsessed house it is a Weeping Angels version of red light green light with a lot of chicken dancing, twerking, funny face making weeping angel fun because hey, we don't actually know what they do when they're moving, right?), gathering giant leaves and pine needles and hiking.

The favorite pastime is snake watching, which isn't very productive in the winter but the kids don't care.

They could stay like that forever, just bent over watching for any snakes in the water/sludge/grass. Our first visit we saw 3 different snakes and they have been snake obsessed ever since.
But they could just as easily run up and down over and over all day.
More snake watching. The little miss is especially snake obsessed.

This park is really one of the most lovely places in our town. The swamp walk is only a small part of it. There are also ponds, swimming areas, natural water fountains, hiking trails, a huge open area with picnic areas and huge trees covered in Spanish moss. I love how it looks like we're in a melting watercolor. I always have to pause and really enjoy this view.

At home I worked on some new crochet patterns that I found and that I love and of course I added to my mood blanket. I still have to add yesterday's square but Monday through Saturday looks like this-

Happy, tired, happy, tired(sick), tired(sick), happy and Sunday will be happy as well. A pretty good week, even on the days that I was tired/sick.
This week I am focusing on some blankets for the kids which I am very excited about. Trying to pull their rooms together with some home made, love filled accents.

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