Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Moody Madness and Door Decorations

Yesterday I shared my mood blanket. I was unsure about the color choices. Basically I just chose what I had on hand and tried to make it work but then I decided that it wasn't what I wanted and if I'm going to work on something every day for a whole year then I want it to be lovely and perfect and feel totally right. So, I rethought it and chose new colors and I'm quite pleased!

The new colors-

Moods and colors from left to righ- turquoise (energetic), gold (anxious), blue (happy/content/comfy), purple (excited!), lavender (tired), gray (sad).

I had to take apart the original blanket and make new squares and put it all back together but I'm so happy with the result. Just need to weave my strings in.

This is the first week, starting last Monday. Happy, happy, excited (snow!), happy, tired, energetic, energetic.

Another item on my to-do list for weeks now has been to spiffy up the little lady's bedroom door. I bought the little wooden goodies weeks ago so it's past due for sure.

I painted her name on the door with pretty turquoise paint and then just added some tape to the back of the decorative pieces and played around with them until I found something I liked and then I glued them on.

Playing around with the design-


Her response- Oooooooooooooh!! It pwetty!
I'll take that as a job well done! 

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