Monday, August 24, 2015

Some Weekend Happenings

Monday rolls around again. I'm having a quiet morning now that my boys have gone off to school/work and my girl is still snoozing away. We enjoyed our weekend. We hardly ever get weekends with no plans or weekends where we stay close to home both days, so this was a nice, relaxing one.

Mostly we decided to chill in our house. Eat lots of food (husband grilled both nights and it was amaaaazing), do some cleaning, watch some Star Trek, read. Saturday husband surprised us all with a visit to a lovely little place I didn't even know existed near us! A pretty pond with a nearly 1 mile walking trail around and the best part- swans! Swans everywhere!

There were a lot of other water fowl. Several types of geese and ducks, that pretty heron right there (that speared a fish in the eye as we were watching...) and there were so many turtles. All kinds. The turtles seemed to know that humans = food and they would swim right up to you and wait. We didn't feed them though because we aren't buttheads. Feeding the animals is what leads to them being aggressive, people.

The butterfly garden was probably my favorite. It's was lovely. I also got cute pics of the littlest lady and myself as beautiful butterflies. She was SO EXCITED to be a butterfly.

It was a gorgeous place. I know it will become a family favorite. They even had a little restaurant in there with ice cream! And a super cool playground for the kids complete with an old retired fire truck to play on. Two thumbs up.

Missing the weekend now. Wishing Mondays were a little easier. Maybe like a half Monday. Ease you into the work/school week. A girl can dream...

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