Thursday, August 20, 2015

Summer Reading Challenge the Last

Our last summer reading check in! The summer has gone by much too fast.

As always we are swimming through a sea of library books over here. Now that Ollie is in school again he and I are reading less each day (sad face) but Miss Mae and I are reading even more, which has been nice! She has always been book obsessed, even when she was a sweet 2 year old and she would pick up my books and pretend to read. And now as a 4 year old in her dress up outfits with a nest of books always in her bed.

Our last check in looks like this-

 A book recently published- 

 I don't know a kid that doesn't get a fit of the giggles from reading these underpants books. Dinosaurs Love Underpants and Aliens Love Underpants are also big favorites of ours. 

A Disney book-

This is a book we got for Christmas and we read it all the time. It frequently comes with us on car trips so that Alice has something to look at. It's full of cute, short Disney stories that she loves and that big brother can read out loud to her.

 Child's choice-

This week's favorite book is The Mixed Up Chameleon. Alice had this memorized after the first time reading it and every single time we read, this book has to be included. Surprisingly we had never read it before even though Eric Carle is a favorite around here. I really enjoy this one too. It's fun and interactive for her but also easy and not boring for me. Winner.

That's it for the summer reading challenge! I'm sad it's over. It was fun times!

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