Monday, August 31, 2015

August Reads

I challenged myself to crochet more this month (nearly every day) and finish 1 really big crochet project, so I didn't read as much as usual. That's usually how it is with my free time. I have to choose between reading and crocheting and my mountain of crochet projects usually win, especially now that we're in the home slide to Christmas. So hard. Lets jump right in.

The Reptile Room (Lemony Snicket)- A mama and Ollie read. We loved the first one so much that we went right into the 2nd, which was just as full of unfortunate events as it's predecessor and just as witty and interesting and fast paced. We're definitely going to keep with this series. It has been a great read for his age and it still keeps me interested and enjoying myself.

Homecoming (Cynthia Voigt)- This is a book I read as a kid and always looked back on fondly as something I really loved and got into. It didn't disappoint now, over a decade later. I really enjoy the Tillerman family. This book will definitely give you the feels. It made my heart break a little.

Son (Lois Lowry)- The last book in The Giver Chronicles, this was probably my favorite. I liked that it was told from several perspectives over different periods of time. It was a beautiful ending to a series of books that I really deeply enjoyed. I look forward to sharing these with my kids one day, and isn't that the sign of a great book?

I am Legend (Richard Matheson)- Now this shit... I guess because of the movie from a few years ago I was expecting a whole different animal. What you get is not at all what the movie is, by the way. Actually, I think it's a lot better. This was actually a book husband picked out from the library but I finished Son and had nothing to read so I grabbed this off the table and speed read it. I didn't realize it was a collection of stories, for one. There is the I am Legend story and then a multitude of other creepy tales. It was really interesting. I definitely liked it. I'm eagerly waiting on husband to finish so we can discuss.

That wraps it up for August. I'm excited for September reads. I've ordered some stuff I really want from the library, including my very FIRST audio books. I went with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to pop my audio cherry because I have heard nothing but amazing things about them. I'm looking forward to some fall reading under a warm blanket with some hot tea.

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