Thursday, August 27, 2015

What My Kids Have Been Reading

I have two kids. A nearly 8 year old little stud muffin and a 4 year old sass monster. I'm over the moon that they are avid book lovers. Over the moon, I tell ya. Thankfully we have access to several libraries. Children's books are hella expensive. With the help of libraries and cheap 2nd hand book stores, my kids are kept very happy and well read. Here's what we're up to lately.

Ollie (7 years old, reading independently but also enjoying his mama and me reading time every night)-

We picked up The Bad Beginning not long ago and Oliver loved it. Because of that we borrowed the 2nd book of A Series Of Unfortunate Events, The Reptile Room, and read that really quickly. Also a success! Fast paced and funny and witty. It keeps him entertained. We'll definitely keep going with the series.

Admittedly, I really wanted to read this one so we picked it up at 2nd and Charles for around a dollar and I waited all Summer for the kiddo to be into the idea of reading it. Finally we are into it now. Oliver really seems to love it so it was a good choice. *pats self on back* He laughs in all the right places so I know he's actually paying attention. It's one of my favorite book choices so far this year.

He's showing serious interest in the Magic Treehouse series for really the first time ever. I feel like this is something he can definitely read on his own now so I am going to stock up on these.

Alice-Mae (4 years old, super into reading on laps and snuggled under covers, thinks she can read on her own already)-

Olivia has been a favorite for a while. My little miss can't get enough of Olivia and I don't blame her. It's fun, captivating, funny and there are so many of them now so you have lots of options. We've been borrowing them all from the library. Her own copy of Olivia was loved so hard and read so many times that it fell apart.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon has to be her favorite book of the moment. She has read it every day for weeks and has had it memorized since the very first time we read it.

I'm so glad I found this book and so glad we bought it for the kids last year and I'm so glad there are more Penguin books to love and enjoy.  They are the cutest. We read them often and they are so sweet.

This is a recent library find and another obsession of Miss Mae's. We read it at least once a day. It's a funny little story and anything with stinky something in it is sure to be a kid pleaser.

That's just a little sampling of what we've been reading lately. Do your kids have any favorites? What are some chapter books that your young reader is into?


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