Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Love That Body

Everyone is talking about the fat shaming video (yes, SHAMING) made by some youtuber see-you-next-tuesday. I am not going to link to anything about her, I'm not going to look up her name because frankly, I don't give a shit who she is or what she has to say. I should also say that I haven't watched the video because I like myself and I don't want someone to make me think things that aren't true. I can't quote it. Obviously I know what it's about and I have read articles about it and seen quotes from it and I've read what other very smart people have to say about it. I've got the gist. And honestly, it hasn't even really made me that angry or upset because she isn't the first and she won't be the last.

In our society, bodies are public property. Splashed all over magazines and the internet, we scope out women's bodies and we compare them and we whisper about them and we write about how so and so hasn't lost the baby weight or LOOK AT THIS LIST OF CELEBRITIES THAT GOT FAT OMG or this celebrity is so thin, could they have an eating disorder!!!! Body shaming, specifically fat shaming, is the last socially accepted form of bigotry and bullying. It is perfectly natural for anyone to comment on anyone's size or shape. It's the norm. There are reality shows based around fat people not being fat anymore or people getting plastic surgery to be more 'beautiful'. It's a sickness. Unfortunately, it's not a sickness that most people realize they have. Because it's normal and it's what is done so people blindly do it. But there's a group of people out there rocking the world. The body positive movement is in full force and it's not just for fatties! It's for everyone! I urge you to seek it out. Change your world. Whether you are thin or fat or whatever. We all have body image issues. And the body positive movement acknowledges that and says 'love yourself anyway! even when it's hard! even when people are mean! because you deserve it!'.

So all I really want to say is that there will probably always be assholes that say that body shaming doesn't exist and want to talk about your weight and feign concern or truly believe that by making fun of you or making you feel awful, they can force you into some sort of change that THEY deem necessary. Don't buy that bullshit. Don't buy into it, man. Your body is yours. And it's great! It's gorgeous. Give the world the finger. Tell it to go suck an egg. Do you. You are wonderful. Our bodies do not belong to anyone but us.We have big, juicy brains in our head and we get to decide for ourselves what is what. Don't let anyone crap on your happy rainbow parade of life over something as lame as weight.

And to any bitches that want to talk smack about people's bodies, tattoo this on the back of your hand so you don't forget anymore- if it's not your weight, don't talk about it.

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