Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Our Weekend- Anniversary Celebrations and Apple Picking

It's a bittersweet Tuesday. We sent our boys off to work and school this morning for the first time in 3 days. Actually, it has been 4 days for Husband. I miss them so much.

What a lovely weekend though! We had a rare weekend to ourselves since my mom offered to take the kids for our anniversary. Lucky number 7! We dropped the babes off with her and then went to the zoo and walked through their gorgeous gardens.

Our actual anniversary was Sunday and we had such a relaxing, chill day. We stayed home and watched movies and ate yummy brunch and dinner and peanut M&M's and played a new dice zombie game. We slept in until 10! I'm grateful we had that alone time together to regroup, spend quality time and be lazy.

Monday was a very special apple picking day! We took my mom and she had a blast. It was her first time. We took the hay ride and the kids played a ton and looked at farm animals and we picked a whole bushel of apples which is A LOT of freaking apples.

Some gorgeous memories we're making and with the best little family a girl could hope for. Cheers.

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