Monday, November 9, 2015

A Birthday Party

Over the weekend we celebrated our son's 8th birthday. He still has 4 days of being seven so I'm a major blubbering mess. His party was fun though! Unfortunately I was SO BUSY and didn't have a ton of time to take pictures. We decided to do the party at my mom's house and our oven is broken until we order a new piece for it so that meant having to bake the cake and the pizza and the garlic bread at her house. Stressful. But, it went okay! No April's were majorly harmed in the making of this birthday party.

We had a bit of a Lego theme going on. I kept it as simple as possible with just a homemade Lego block banner, some streamers and a lot of balloons. Lego cake, Lego pizza, fruit and garlic bread and a Lego pinata for entertainment.

Both of our fams came out and I think it was a good time. I hope Ollie loved it. He got way too many gifts and got loved on a bunch. I'm going to enjoy having a 7 year old while I can and try not to spend my week crying about how big my boy is. You blink and they are big kids. I'm going to glue my eyes open.

He's pretty amazing.

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