Friday, November 27, 2015

Thankfullness 2015

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone but the turkey coma and the full hearts are still going strong.

Holidays are an excuse to get the kids dressed up and make Miss Mae let me do her hair. I didn't anticipate her looking so grown up with it pulled back. Love these babies. They have the sweetest little faces.

We all pitched in and made a big meal at my mom's and as is tradition we said what we were thankful for around the table before diving in. Alice melted my heart when she piped up with her little voice 'I am thankful for my fam-uh-wee'. Awwww. We are thankful for you too, sugar pie.

Ollie is nearly as tall as my mom, which isn't hard since she's just 4 feet and 11 inches, but it makes us all a little sad to see him looking almost grown next to this tiny woman.

We were so happy to have my sister to ourselves for a few hours. She doesn't usually stay that long. The free spirit.

Plus her being there meant someone could take pictures of our little family!

My heart is so full and so thankful for these loves of my life. I'm the luckiest. Hashtag blessed.

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