Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Clomid- How I'm Feeling

I documented my days actively taking Clomid so that I'd have something to look back on and see how it really affected me. This is what those days looked like-

Clomid so far-

First dose- No side effects. If anything, I was nervous and being super zen to avoid turning into the insane woman everyone promised me I'd be.

Second dose- I notice my moods are definitely much quicker to change, but not for no reason. More I am just quick to cry/be annoyed or whatever. I have HARDCORE hot flashes which is no good in 103 degree heat.

Third dose- Still noticing my moods change but not so much that I am moody, more that I am having the same moods I would normally have and can't control my shit as well as usual? For example- crying on the way home from a movie. It is not unusual for me to be a sentimental sap and tear up quite often or whatever. But this was full on sobbing over Peter being such a good dad and stuff that happened in Inside Out and then Ed Sheeran came on the radio and I LOST it and couldn't find it again. I also notice that my social anxiety is way down because I am more open to conflict?

Fourth dose- Definitely feeling more in general. It's not that I am moody, it's more that my moods want to stick around for longer and I feel them a lot more. But it's nothing drastic. No raging or feeling nuts or manic. Just normal feelings but slightly heightened.

Fifth and final- Same as day 4 but my mood shifts are even less. On the whole it is all extremely tolerable and fine.

I am now 2 days out from it and feeling totally normal. I went into this with a very positive outlook that things would be okay and they were. My daily yoga has definitely helped and I think just waiting so long to get this help has made me feel good about the experience. I'm glad that overall it was fine and now we are done with it this cycle and hopefully it's working some magic in there! Thinking happy thoughts.

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