Monday, June 15, 2015

Our Day in Charleston

Charleston, South Carolina is a gorgeous place. If you haven't had the pleasure of visiting, do! The great thing about South Carolina is that everything is just a short drive away. We can be at the mountains in 3 hours or the coast in 3 hours. This time we chose the coast.

Charleston is freaking gorgeous, y'all. And chock full of history. It's not just the beach you want to hit up, although every single beach is beautiful and the little beach towns are super fun. Visit the historical sites! For us, we started our day off at The Battery. It's a fortified seawall right where the Cooper River and Ashley River meet. Right behind it is White Point Garden- a huge garden full of giant oaks and oyster shell covered pathways.

After walking around for a while, Alice decided a potty break was of the upmost importance so we headed out. Not missing Rainbow Row, a row of perfectly colored gorgeous rainbow houses, on our way through town.

Next stop (for potty break and because it looked cool) was Candy Kitchen. Holy cow. This is candy heaven. Not only do they have barrels (yes, BARRELS) of candy and a whole wall of pick 'n mix but they also make their own everything. Giant candy apples, pralines, cookies, chocolate covered marshmallows. Anything and everything delicious.

We bought a bag of salt water taffy and a bag of pick 'n mix and we're still enjoying them now.

Next we walked through the Charleston Market and ate lunch at Bumba Gump Shrimp Co. I'm not a seafood liker but they had some non-seafood options and the chicken sandwich I got was amazeballs.

The trip ended at the beach where we spent a few hours hanging out, building a sand castle, looking for shells and mostly enjoying the huge waves and cool water. It was a hot day and that water felt awesome. This spawn of mine are definitely water lovers like their mama. Alice is fearless. She wants to go deeper and deeper into the water. I finally had to put her on Husband's shoulders to save me from a heart attack. Oliver spent his time 'diving' and trying to jump over the smaller waves.

 It was a great day with my little family. A good mini get away. Even if it was so hot that I felt like I might melt. But it's the south so it's about time to get used to that for the next 2 months. Yesterday's heat index? One hundred and ten. Ain't nobody got time for that. We'll have to go back for another dive in the ocean soon to cool off.

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