Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer Summer Summertime

It's our first full week of Summer vacation!

To keep us on track and save myself some sanity and also because I am a planner at heart, I decided to take an idea I've seen around the interwebs and make it our own. Instead of going with the full 5 days of cute things to do every day, I decided to just do 3 because I jut can't be on my game every single day. So Tuesday and Friday are 'free days'.

First we have Make It Monday. Easy enough. Every Monday, we make something! Whether it's a craft, an outdoor project, a treat. We put our hands to good work.

Next is Wanderlust Wednesday. On Wednesday, we go somewhere. Mostly for us that will mean walking to one of 3 or 4 places near us. The park, the library, the ice cream shop. But we will be leaving the house!

Thursday is Thinking on Thursday. This is our school day, basically. Nothing heavy. Some easy review, some journal writing, some ABC Mouse.

Yesterday was our first Make it Monday!

Our first project was making our very own rock candy. It's kind of a process but we did the sugar melting part and getting the jars ready and the sticks for the candy ready before lunch, then ate our lunch and went back 30 minutes later after the sugar had cooled to pour it into our jars. Telling the kids it takes a week before they can eat it was pretty funny though.

Our other activity was writing letters to grandparents. I had Ollie write out a little note to each grandparent and then Alice drew them a little picture and signed her name. <3 We're going to mail these out this week and include one of Ollie's school pictures with each one.

I think we'll enjoy having a bit of a schedule to our days and knowing that certain days equal certain activities. So far so good, after one whole day.

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