Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Summer Vacation Bucket List

There are only 3 more days of school this year, counting today. Holy cow. After Thursday Ollie is a free agent.

We went to his Field Day at school today, which was fun and annoying. Fun because it was hilarious to watch kids doing things like 3 legged races. Annoying because no one told me Alice wouldn't be allowed on the equipment so she felt left out and we had to leave early because it seemed mean to stay there and make her watch other kids play while she wasn't allowed. Oh well. Now I know for next year, at least. Although they probably could have told me that she couldn't play there all those times I mentioned how she and I would be coming to the school for Field Day. Maybe. Just a thought I had. What kid likes to be a spectator of bouncy house and water slide fun instead of partaking? I tried to make it up to her by getting ice cream on the way home and watching movies on the couch.

I did get some cute shots of Ollie being all sweaty and running around.


And now I'm thinking about what I want to spend our summer vacation on. I really want to have fun but not put too much pressure on myself. I thought coming up with a little list of my favorite ideas would be a good way to keep us on track without adding the mommy pressure.

I tried to add things we have never done or don't do often and things we can do just us 3 while Daddy is at work, like reading and making play dough and playing in sprinklers, and also things we can all do as a family on the weekends, like hiking and beach days. I'm still planning out our weeks and coming up with some fun schedules and outings.

I'm really excited for Summer! Especially now that I have a visual list of things to do. I love checking things off lists.

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